Ever Night - Chapter2 33
Ever Night - Chapter2 33


Asks are still open!

Anon will remain off after our weekend debacle of course, I can’t trust you little monsters apparently. *tsks* Naughty naughty!

master-stroke asked:
Hey guys, I am a deviantART user and I noticed that they have a feature that allows artists to make motion comics. Do you see yourself making use of that feature for Ever Night? Just out of curiosity.

First off, thank you and hello! :D

Secondly I was actually (personally) not aware of this feature! I (Kit) rarely use many of the features found of dA anymore as I’m usually too busy! Do I see myself making use of it for Ever Night? I am not sure. Maybe for fun some day, but as it stands, probably not?

I will check it out though! Sounds like an interesting feature! :)

- Kit

Anon will now be turned off.

We do not want a repeat of the last question we got. No one needs to read that after that one.

Anonymous asked:
Why is there no nudity? That bitch needs to get fucked.


You are the reason we cannot have nice things.

Truthfully, I don’t actually owe you a response, but I just want to let you and everyone like you know how very serious I treat comments like these.

There is no nudity because this comic and these characters are not for your fapping pleasure. End of story. This is not that kind of comic and it never, EVER will be. We are not making a story for you to get all titillated over. You are gross.
I really hope you are single and miserable, because you already disgust me as a human being.

ALSO, just In case you were not aware, the people who create this comic are two women. Think about that for a minute.
Yeah, that’s right. Women.

And we do not play nice.

Come at me, bro. I will ruin your day.

- Kit

P.S. Take your ignorant self elsewhere, you are not wanted.

Anonymous asked:
Are you ever going to finish the comic? It seems to be going rather slow.

Hey there Anon!

Yes we do realize it is going rather slow right now, we update as much as is physically possible. Each page takes more than 6-7 hours to make from start to finish, sometimes it takes 10!

As for finishing, well, sorry to break this to you dear Anon, but this is a long form comic. It won’t be ending for a very long time. We have a story to tell and it is not a short one.

We hope despite how slow it has been recently, that you’ll stick with us! We promise it is well worth it. :)

As a quick note to anyone who reads comics; Drawing/writing a comic is not an easy-going process and we do put these pages up to read for free so really, updating is up to our discretion. If it is too slow for your liking, that is not our problem. :)

- Kit

Anonymous asked:
What programs do you guys use to make the comics?

Awesome first question!
Let me make a list for you:

Microsoft Word (Typing of ze script) - sometimes Scrivener
Google Sites (For storing our script)
MS Paint (to do layouts)

Adobe Photoshop CS2 - text,blocking out panels, effects
Paint Tool SAI - sketching and inks

We both start out our process by hand though. :) Good old ink/pencil and paper!

thanks for the question!



If anyone is wondering about the lack of Ever Night updates, it is because my hand/wrist is acting up and I can’t hold my tablet pen very well (or really at all half the time right now) I just need a wee break to let it rest.

^^^^^^^ this is why there has been a lack of updates^^^^^^^^

Click here for the Ever Night Update!!!
Click here for the Ever Night Update!!!

Sorry about the wait folks <3